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Hello you missed one can of coke from my order.

Pamela, 20 Jan 2021

I have been with Adels for years, one of the best food service's here in Bath, love everything on the menu brilliant staff very helpful, staff comunicate at all levels and caring about orders will help with changes to order love all the extras :)

Cheryl, 20 Jan 2021

Enjoyed my 1/2 lb burger thanks, but didn't recieve any fries which was disappointing

Adam, 18 Jan 2021

Always delicious

Ash, 17 Jan 2021

Really quick to order and great food

Sammy, 15 Jan 2021


Lucinda, 11 Jan 2021

fast delivery and excellent food

Denise, 11 Jan 2021

Having to wait hrvfor delivery

Whitney, 10 Jan 2021

Very nice friendly staff and value for money

Zena, 08 Jan 2021

I made a feedback comment earlier but I forgot to put my details in the comment my details are miss Chloe dale 42 vernham grove ba22tb 07368439911 usually the food and service are great but tonight I am not happy with either my food was supposed to be delivered in an hour and never turned up and when I tried to phone the restaurant to find out what happened the phone rang off so I tried again and didn’t get an answer I would like a full refund please

Chloe, 05 Jan 2021

Food is 25 minutes late and hasn’t yet turned up and when I called the restaurant to find out where my food was the line rang off I would like my money back in full please Usually foods great and on time and a fast friendly service

Chloe, 05 Jan 2021

I only recieved 8 pieces of chicken when i ordered 10. x

Heidi, 29 Dec 2020

lovley food

Sam, 28 Dec 2020


Katy, 26 Dec 2020

Very good service

Donna, 18 Dec 2020

good fast delivery and fantastic food as always

Denise, 18 Dec 2020

Lovely thank you

Marie, 03 Dec 2020

Love the food and polite staff

Sabrina, 02 Dec 2020

Lovely food and staff x

Sabrina, 30 Nov 2020

Fantastic good and fantastic price

Arturo, 24 Nov 2020


Cory, 21 Nov 2020

You know

Archie, 21 Nov 2020


Mahir, 15 Nov 2020

As a regular customer I was confident that my order would be of its usual quality, and it was.

Jim, 14 Nov 2020

Awesome allways the best

Tim, 07 Nov 2020

Adele’s is the best for kebabs in Bath

Carl, 31 Oct 2020